Representative Director's Message

Our mission is creating all the concerned far and near profits.

My dream of my childhood was "becoming a sushi chef". When I was a junior high school student, I dreamed "becoming a store owner before 30 years old". I have been working in restaurant business for 12 years after graduated from the high school. I realized my dream at the age of 26. Now, I am 30 years old. I am managing 22 stores, directly-managed stores and the franchises. I was able to make my dreams come true with the help of everyone. I really appreciate for the support of many customers, staffs, partners etc. Our aim is to provide benefits to all people involved. We will continue to be a company that is required to all the people who matter to us.

January, 2008 M'GRANT FOOD SERVICE Co.,Ltd. Representative director Minoru Ido

Career of Representative Director

1998 Entered Tukiji Sushi-ko as a sushi chef.
2001 Entered Reins International as a staff of specializing in location development business.
2003 Entered Office Kobayashi as a staff of business condition development and Affiliation development business.
2004 Entered Tenpo Ryutsuu Net, Inc. as a staff of Outsourcing store exploitation.
2005 Y’s Food System as a Director.
2006 Inaugurated as the fourth president of Maido Co., Ltd.
2006 Established M'GRANT FOOD SERVICE Co.,Ltd.