M'GRANT FOOD SERVICE - Business guide

We promise to provide a safe, secure and honest, and to continue to make valuable restaurants.

Steak & Hamburger IWATAKI

In 1984, in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, our first shop, IWATAKI Nogikuno store was founded.

Since then, for 24 years, we have continued friendly steak restaurants providing low-cost and satisfied dishes.

Our recommended dishes are steaks and hamburgers which are offered by griddle.

And you can eat the salad bar of fresh vegetables, fruit and soup, curry, and rice as much as you like.

Steak hamburger & Salad bar KEN

You can feel old days we started 24 years ago still now at IWATAKI Nogikuno store, the first store, which remains fittings and the exterior.

We started new restaurants, steak hamburger & salad bar KEN at Minamikashiwa (Nagareyama-shi, Chiba) in July 2006.

With the experience of IWATAKI, we develop a new concept and made the steak joint of the modern Japanese style.

Now our restaurants are loved by various people, such as couples, workers, housewives.

Steak & Roasted curry FRANCE-TEI

The menu of 'Lemon Steak' offered by Steak & roasted curry FRANCE-TEI is the dish of roasted meat by the griddle with our special lemon sauce. We devised the much better method of eating meat.

This store is a specialty store in steak, hamburger and curry. This store is the Western restaurants which has realized the menu of budget prices and which can be enjoyed with families.